* First of all …

(Reblogged 11/13/13.)

Why can’t I be Ted Williams?

talk show host, on air talent, radio talk show, the homeless blogger


3 thoughts on “* First of all …

  1. Irony of Ironies: Ted Williams is from Columbus, where I live. I actually saw him last week signing an autograph in a pawn shop two blocks from here. A coworker and I were walking back from a meeting and were walking past a massive pawn shop. Since it was lunch time, we decided to go inside to see if we could find any good deals and saw Ted.

  2. Brian — The reblog of 11/02/13 was a fluke, and went out in a form I normally would not have permitted. You’re destined to see it again in a week or two. As to Ted Williams, either maybe I should move to Columbus … or … could you find out perhaps if he has any contacts in Baltimore? I need all the help I can get.

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