The Way of Peace

Some day I mean to write a book entitled The Way of Peace.

The gist of this material:  you can choose how you feel.  You can learn to do this.  And the more skilled you become at it, the happier you’ll be (If you can choose to be happy, why choose to be anything else?), and ultimately the better off, and the better of a person, you’ll be.

The faculty (ability) to choose one’s affects (feelings) is what I call the “will.”  The will is normally completely asleep; 98% of the people, 98% of the time, are completely unaware of any choice in their feelings.  The principal way to “awaken the will,” and become aware of choices about your feelings, is meditation.  This will be explained here, and some pertinent texts will appear at the Trojan Horse Productions Library.

I believe this Way is the sum and substance of what the historical Jesus actually taught.  Many others have taught it also.  But it’s notable that practically everything the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) say Jesus said, presumes that people can choose their feelings at will

He taught, in effect, an ethic (moral code) of affects as acts.  When a storm comes up and the disciples are in a boat, he says, “Why did you fear?”, as if that were something they had freely chosen to do.  He treats anger or hatred as tantamount to murder.  To intentionally dwell on sexual lust toward some person, he says is the same as having had sex with him or her.

Today I had to intentionally change my feelings several times; that’s what prompted this post.  I will share similar stories and related thoughts here, as they occur.

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