“A star is born: the genesis of William Tell”

A new essay has appeared on the William Tell Show home page.

“A star is born: the genesis of William Tell” explains how I conceived myself (Hmm.  Oh, well.), and the show, and why.


2 thoughts on ““A star is born: the genesis of William Tell”

  1. You mentioned in the posting on your show’s site that anarchy can work if you have a sinless population. It has gotten me thinking: isn’t sin just a violation of the social norm of whatever group you are with? While one group might find pork problematic, another group might find plural marriage an issue. The function of government is to codify the concensus view of those norms, and then punish those who oppose them. Much like religion.

  2. [[ Aside:

    [[ What, you can’t format in comments? This is an outrage!

    [[ I’m new to all things bloggish. When I “accepted” your previous comment, you apparently became a “member,” and now your comments appear without the prerequisite of “moderation.”

    [[ Once I’m on the air, comments on the blog will be strongly discouraged. e-mails will be welcome. Listeners will be expected to call the show. ]]

    This could get deep real fast.

    Again aside: Here’s an item from yesterday’s news that relates to the same issues. It had me totally upset: German court rules religious circumcision on boys an assault. Oh, nuts. Can’t post links, either? Let’s try this: http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/afp/german-court-rules-religious-circumcision-on-boys-an-assault

    To me, “sin” is a completely religious category. It depends wholly on one’s own religion. When I first faced the question, at the anarchist discussion board, I was inevitably looking at things from the POV of my own religion.

    The anarchists would say government HAS NO function.

    At this moment I am without a clear notion of what government’s function MAY BE. For years I have preoccupied myself with questions of individual conduct, and tended to see government as a mixed blessing the existence of which is best simply accepted.

    What is sin?

    Or, what are its effects?

    The preachers in chapel are preoccupied with telling us you’re going either to heaven or hell when you die, and that’s the most important issue you face in this life.

    I happen not to believe in any kind of heaven or hell like that. It seems to me heaven and hell are both here and now, in this life, IN whatever “heaven” or “hell” a person creates for oneself and one’s community.

    Some behavior patterns create prosperity (or “shalom”) for everyone; other behavior patterns destroy it.

    So for the moment I’m most interested in encouraging folk to embrace the one and let go of the other.

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