Weather Report 06/24/12

I believe someday humanity will control — or at least manage — the weather.  If we cannot keep a Katrina from happening, at least we will be able to make it veer away from New Orleans.

We can certainly manage our responses to the weather now.

We can also learn to control — or at least manage — our feelings.

From my diary for Sunday  06/24/12:

Still in a foul mood when I went into shower.  Now here was this guy I don’t like, the tall, skinny, stupid guy[*] who never shuts up and always complains.  I had a choice of how to feel about him.  I said to myself, “God bless him,” and found again that it feels better to think positive things than negative things. 

If I don’t like my current situation, I can think about how good I’ll feel when life is how I want, and be happy about that now.

[*] Previously mentioned here.


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