A puzzling silence

Teenager Christopher Brown, who was black, was recently allegedly strangled to death by an off-duty police officer named James D. Laboard.

I know the decedent’s race in that photos of him are all over local TV news.

There has been complete silence in the media as to the race of the perpetrator.

I conclude he must be black also, or else it would have been reported long before now.

The similarities, as I see them, to the Trayvon Martin case, are overwhelming.  The only difference would be the perpetrator’s race.  And that, it seems to me, explains the difference in news coverage.  The national media have been reporting every single detail of every new development in the Trayvon Martin case, but Christopher Brown is nowhere on the radar.

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Postscript, 06/28/12:

Turns out I was right.  Hooda Thunkit.

Update, 07/19/13:

Baltimore Co. police officer acquitted in death of teen

3 thoughts on “A puzzling silence

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