I felt pretty chipper all day Tuesday 06/26/12, until I came into the shelter and put my things down on my bunk.  My mood changed abruptly.  All of a sudden I became ornery.  I felt out of sorts, prone to become irritated and to look for things to get upset about.

On the one hand, I wondered if some spirit of negativity had infested the place, and I’d picked up on it.  This has happened before.  See the subsequent post about starlings (link).  But I could not see or hear anyone who might be creating it.

On the other hand, it’s up to me to choose my own mood and outlook, regardless of circumstances.  And right now, it’s my job to be bright.  That’s my work.  That’s what God’s paying me to do.

(Turns out the one guy who works in the laundry toom was carrying a particularly nastty attitude that day.  Could I have picked up on that from 40 feet away?  It’s possible.  He never wears his name badge, which is a violation of the rules, so it took me several days to learn his name.  But I did, and put him on my prayer list.)


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