The Bibles guy

As soon as I entered the shelter 06/27/12, my mood fell.  The Bibles guy was here, whom I really dislike.

The Bibles guy comes from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of every month, and sets up shop in the day room, where we’re otherwise supposed to sit and watch (or not watch) TV while waiting for the shower.  He hands out new King James Version Bibles to anyone who wants one, and also hands out reading glasses.  It seems preposterous to me that anyone would use the King James Version in our time.  I resent the fact that this is all anyone ever makes available to us, and I wish my congregation had the wherewithal to similarly hand out copies of a modern translation.

He lectures the guys who are waiting in his line, on these doctrines that strike me as nonsense because they presume Biblical inerrancy.  I am amazed what a difference that presumption makes in some situations.  He also gets in debates with men who aren’t in his line but have the nerve to question his folly.

I was angry.  What to do?  I began praying for him, and my anger went away.


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