“Penn State Braces For NCAA Sanctions,” and other stories


Random comments:

Romney: Obama did the ‘right thing’ by going to Colorado

No comment needed.

Penn State Braces For NCAA Sanctions For Covering Up Jerry Sandusky’s Child Sex Abuse

The sanctions as reported strike me as inappropriate. As far as I know, the only pertinent information Penn State had concerned one (1) incident, about which the sole eye-witness made inconsistent statements.

The $2.1 million bogus tax refund

How on earth did that return go through without any cross-checking or documentation? What sort of W-2s did she use? The second article answers my questions.

British Olympic female weightlifter fires back at her Twitter bullies

She looks cute enough to me.

Ancient Poop Gives Clues to Modern Diabetes Epidemic

Type II diabetes is rampant in my mother’s family.

I normally think of a heritable physical defect as being attributable to a recessive gene, and anticipate that natural selection will weed out individuals displaying that trait. Turns out the gene isn’t necessarily recessive; and in this case natural selection did not play a role because the disease (the physical defect) did not appear until the population’s diet changed.

Even then, as to this defect, natural selection is unlikely to play a role, since the disease does not begin to affect longevity until after the age when an individual has already produced young and raised them to adulthood.

TV commercials for the (first ever, I found out online) Charm City Music Festival indicate such an overwhelmingly caucasian event that I must question the name.

Duelling ad campaigns: Two current, intense TV ad campaigns, using almost identical visuals, of all things, come from opposite directions concerning a proposed casino at National Harbor. In general, I oppose any expansion of legalized gambling in any form. But for example, I don’t object to folks’ spending, say, a dollar a day on the Number; smoking costs me more than that.

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