Colicky Babies May Have Wrong Bacteria

Colicky Babies May Have Wrong Bacteria

This is the first LiveScience article from which I ever learned anything.

Colic is a disease that primarily affects, I take it, newborns.  The baby cries and cries for hours due to discomfort from gas in the bowel.  It spells great wear and tear on the parents and siblings, worst of all because there is no way to get the baby relief.

My late father was the second-oldest of five siblings.  Aunt Jeanette, the oldest, often told of his having had “the three month colic, which ended on the day.”  I take that to mean it lasted exactly three months, to the day.  I can’t help thinking this had a lifelong effect on him.  Most of the time very reserved emotionally, even cold, Dad always had a special place in his heart for babies.  He would melt in their presence.  And gush.   As a teenager, I found it embarrassing.

I should have thought the discoveries noted in this article would have been common knowledge dating back at least to the 1960s.  It may be that they depend wholly on DNA-sequencing technology that has only become available in our time.


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