Animal souls

Dog buries puppy in Iraq: Why is this video so popular?

Koko Responds to a Sad Movie – YouTube

There has been comment on the dog video, to the effect that it may have been burying not a friend, but rather a meal.  This possibility cannot be dismissed.

All the same, I firmly believe that critters have souls.  They won’t necessarily be like ours.  Their minds aren’t like ours.  But I am convinced they do have free will — again, probably not quite the same as ours.

Years ago, when I was living in Patterson Park, someone in the neighborhood owned this big, huge, very hairy, jet black dog whom they’d named “Bear.”  I often saw the owner taking Bear for a walk in the park.  From time to time I see auras, and I almost never failed to see, around this dog, a brilliant white aura extending three to six inches from its fur, in all directions.  Whatever it may mean for a dog to be a saint, this was a saint among dogs.

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