How to mop

Tuesday night 08/20/13 I went to use the bathroom after shower.  A peacekeeper was mopping the floor, and muttered, “This floor will be really wet.”  I thought, “Here’s another one who doesn’t know how to mop.”

Most people don’t.

Here’s how.

Most people, in effect, “damp mop.”  They make the mop not really wet, go over a certain area, perhaps scrub some spots; rinse the mop out, wring it and repeat.  Problems:  Most of the dirt remains on the floor.  It’s been spread around rather than removed.  Scrubbing wears the mop out fast.  Scrubbing also grinds dirt into the mop head that never will come out.

Instead, “wet mop.”  Start by making the mop really wet.  Choose an area of the floor, perhaps 10 feet square; make a puddle on the floor, and spread it out to cover the whole area.

Wring the mop out well.  In what little time it took you to do that, the cleaning agents in the water will have dissolved almost all the dirt and left it in the water.  The dirt is no longer on the floor; it’s in the water.  So, next, we remove it.

With the nearly-dry mop, start taking up the dirty water.  Do not scrub.  When the mop is full, wring it out and do again; until the whole area you first made wet is really clean and practically dry.

Repeat with the next 10’x10′ area — or whatever larger area you may choose given the size of the mop and your physical strength.

When you’re done, rinse the mop out thoroughly with fresh, clean water, and hang it up to dry.

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