My record cannot be expunged

Yesterday I researched expungement in Maryland.  My conviction was in mid-October 2010, and I’d understood one could get a misdemeanor expunged after three years, so I was hoping to take care of that now.  Turns out there is no expungement of any guilty verdict, except in the case of any of a long list of truly trivial nuisance crimes, e.g. urinating in public or not paying one’s fare on the subway.  To clear my record, I must apply for a pardon, for which I become eligible only after five years of being arrest-free after the end of probation (Oct. 2011).  The paperwork is extensive.  One’s application must include copies of one’s high school and college diplomas, any discharge from bankruptcy, and certified copies of one’s driving record from any state in which one has ever had a license (as in my case, Ohio until 1978).

So for the time being, until October 2016, my one (1) misdemeanor conviction will continue to bar me from employment with many of Maryland’s largest employers.

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4 thoughts on “My record cannot be expunged

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  2. It would be curious if the conviction is a disqualifier or just a pain in the butt. Several years ago, I worked for a company that had a road paving division. Arrest records were not uncommon among employees. The challenge was getting them to pass the drug test.

    I remember doing an audit of our background check process to compare the results from the background checks to the crimes reported. I remember one guy had just been released from 10 years in jail for manslaughter. In the comments section, he said, “People make mistakes, and I learned from mine.” Anyway, he was hired.


    Please see the previous post, linked to.

    In the end, your then-employer is to be commended for giving men a second chance at life. MANY are in the same boat as that one man. A question is whether one’s debt to society is ever marked “PAID.”

    On Monday I was very excited about a secretarial position I’d applied to with one of the nation’s foremost hospitals. As you know, I have 20 years’ experience as a legal secretary. The hours were perfect for me, and it was within walking distance of the shelter.

    On Tuesday I received the rejection notice. The stated reason was “inadequate experience.”


    I have wondered what Andy Kessler would make of all this.

    My task is to man up and press on.

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