My resume

William Tell


Preliminary: RADIO. Any position whatsoever, as long as it’s in radio.
Ultimate: Host The William Tell Show (See “My Product,” below.)


The William Tell Show is all about folk learning to become autonomous thinkers. Through free and open discussion of the affairs of the day, the host (yours truly) coaches participants to use critical thinking skills and avoid common fallacies — not to conform their stands to the host’s own, but to strengthen their own stands, conservative, liberal or whatever. Two referential texts, Guides to Straight Thinking by Stuart Chase and Free Speech Handbook by William Tell, appear as e-books on the host’s web site. “Expert” guests are minimized, in order to maximize callers’ on-air time; William Tell encourages callers, “Be your own expert.” ▪ This can be hard work, especially in the midst of contentious discussion. Accordingly, if your format allows, each hour closes with some selection of upbeat music, to help maintain a positive or humane frame of mind — “Java,” “Sir Duke,” and the like. ▪ There are also occasional brief comedic appearances by Mr. Tell’s fictional associates; the all-important weekly “Tongue Twister;” and gems of wisdom mined from the works of Mr. Tell’s personal hero, the prehistoric Sufi Zen master Hooda Thunkit.


appear here.


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