* Me, me, me.

This has been a very heavy day, and there’s a lot here.  For the moment, at least, I will not try to organize this.

Darkness at times appears to serve Light; destruction, to serve creation.

It is a rude awakening for me to have to revisit the world of infantile self-centeredness, apparently to have to re-learn correctly this time (at age 57!) some things I didn’t learn correctly on the first go-round.

A world where it is correct for me to want things only for “Me, me, me!”
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Must-see cinema for anyone …

… who presumes to have an opinion about drugs, addiction, addicts, treatment programs, or issues pertinent any of the above:  The Basketball Diaries.

Saw portions of this the other day.  Be forewarned, I found some scenes disturbing, even though I have lived through similar incidents myself.  The men around me praised its realism.

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