A crap shoot in Maryland, part 2

Maybe what I have taken for my opposition to gambling is no more than a personal dislike of the activity.  That is, gambling is just something I don’t myself enjoy.  But that doesn’t adequately explain my feelings, either.  I don’t like asparagus, either, but I don’t object to expansion of legalized asparagus production.

Maybe this is part of it:  Most gambling I have personally observed has been on the part of people whose lives are going nowhere and who really need to find something better to do.

I can respect games like stud poker and blackjack, that can involve some degree of skill.  Ditto playing the horses.  But games of sheer chance, like draw poker, craps, roulette and slots, strike me as just plain stupid.  Even if I were good at it, even if I were a “winner,” why would I want to take away my neighbor’s money?  I don’t see the point.

Somehow I can’t get excited about the prospect of winning money.  Instead, I always wind up feeling bad about the money I lost, and wondering if I couldn’t have spent it on something better.

I would much rather create something.

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