Question for “Light”

Below appears a question I intend to submit to “Light.”  It provides a snapshot of this moment in my evolving cosmology.  “Light” may or may not answer.  I invite responses from you who read this blog.

Please critique the following POV.  Please be patient; it’s long.

For some time, I have been pondering God as the All.  If this is so, then God’s own being must comprehend (include) Darkness and evil as well as goodness and Light (Isaiah 45:7).

I understand from Ambrose Worrall that an energy that may be called the life force, or qi, permeates the universe.  In the past I have supposed this to be Light.  Now I question that.
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* Me, me, me.

This has been a very heavy day, and there’s a lot here.  For the moment, at least, I will not try to organize this.

Darkness at times appears to serve Light; destruction, to serve creation.

It is a rude awakening for me to have to revisit the world of infantile self-centeredness, apparently to have to re-learn correctly this time (at age 57!) some things I didn’t learn correctly on the first go-round.

A world where it is correct for me to want things only for “Me, me, me!”
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Quantum Dots of Many Colors

Quantum Dots of Many Colors

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I have a lifelong fascination with things that glow in the dark, and have long suspected that the human soul is a fluorescent instrument.  What is happening when someone “glows” or is “radiant?”

I wish I understood the pertinent mechanics of these new materials at the atomic or molecular level.  It may be that the article does explain them, but in language that is beyond me.

What the word “prayer” means to me

The William Tell Show is not and will not be “about” religion.  In this blog, however, I am being forced to mention prayer so often that I may as well define the term.

Some of the texts I have learned from appear at the Trojan Horse Productions Library (link).  This is separate from the Tell Show site because, although I wanted these texts to be available online (Actually, Rachel insisted.), I don’t mean to discuss them on the show.  One will find the same principles set forth in any of the serious literature on prayer, such as Frank Laubach’s Prayer, the Mightiest Force in the World, Jo Kimmel’s Steps to Prayer Power, Leslie Weatherhead’s Psychology, Religion and Healing,  Larry Dossey’s Healing Words, or Morton Kelsey’s Healing and Christianity.

When I pray for someone without the person’s permission, in general I don’t use words.  I say no words out loud; nor do I think any words.  I will think of the person’s name if I know it, and then direct positive feelings toward him or her.  I envision the person as surrounded with light, and wish the best for her or his health, circumstances and happiness.  When, rarely, I do use words, they are consistent with what I’ve just said.

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