“Black America’s Real Problem Isn’t White Racism”

Black America’s Real Problem Isn’t White Racism

That’s not a link.

I don’t know why Yahoo! News listed this Pat Buchanan column.

He long ago quit saying anything that merits my attention.

Hiring discrimination and “backgrounds”

EEOC sues over criminal background checks

This affects me.

In August ’10 I became the first member of my family in three generations ever to be arrested, let alone jailed.  It was the only time I have ever been arrested.  I was locked up for 40 days before being sentenced to “time served” on one misdemeanor charge.  I have no other convictions.

In the months following, I applied to all kinds of jobs, including at each of the half dozen major hospitals located in downtown Baltimore.  I was applying for secretarial jobs, janitorial jobs, groundskeeping — anything I could possibly do, as remains so today.

Each of those hospitals has its own online application system, and they’re all very similar, so I don’t recall which specific hospital this story involves.  You enter a “profile” into their database, that includes all your employment information, history, references, etc.; this takes 90 minutes to two hours.  That information is kept in their database, and thereafter you can apply to any job listing with just a handful of clicks.  You can also access a listing of the jobs you’ve applied to, and each application’s status.

One Saturday I was at the public library submitting applications online.  Click, click, click, submit.  Check out the next listing; decide “go” or “no go;” click, click, submit.  I did a bunch of those, and then went to check the list of applications’ status.

A number of the applications I’d submitted in the previous half hour had already been turned down.

I really don’t think anyone was working in the HR office on a Saturday screening applications.  Clearly, they had some automatic software set up to pre-screen applications and reject anyone who admitted a criminal record.

The question is whether reformed criminals can find honest work.

Subsequent post: My record cannot be expunged

Do women need assault rifles for self-defense?

New photos, details emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza

The NRA has been parading women who seem to claim they need assault weapons for self-defense.

This would appear to be a miscalculation on its part.

Adam Lanza acquired the weapons he used from his mother.

I’m not sure such things belong in any home.

More about bad weather

Nearly four in 10 U.S. residents blame weather on “end times”

“More than three-quarters of Democrats and six in 10 independents believe that the weather has become more extreme over the last few years, while less than half of Republicans say they have perceived such a shift.”

I don’t know whether the religious aspect or the political aspect is more disconcerting.

The demographic analysis is interesting.

For the record, the New Testament authors regarded themselves as living in the end times.  See 1 Corinthians 7.31; Colossians 3:6; 1 Thessalonians 1:10; Matthew 24:34 and parallels.  The Gospel writers portray Jesus, in Matthew 24 and parallels, as predicting (in 33 C.E.) the events of 70 C.E.; those were the “great tribulation.” The communities who received the Gospel texts, then, lived after “the great tribulation” and in anticipation of Jesus’ very imminent return.

All that was 2000 years ago.

Clippings: Free Speech in India, Einstein’s convoluted brain, and more

Outrage in India over arrests for Facebook post

How that became categorized under Yahoo! Finance, I cannot imagine.  The article informs as to (1) some of the personalities involved in Hindu religious-and-political extremism; (2) the apparently puzzling state of Indian law pertinent freedom of speech and of religion; and (3) a situation where some “loose goose” police officers, or perhaps a “loose goose” province, took matters into their own hands.  “Creating enmity and hatred” is a criminal offense.  The Wikipedia article on Bal Thackeray is an exercise in hagiography.

Einstein’s Brain Reveals Clues to Genius

I don’t understand why it has taken so long for this information to become public.  The photographs in question show the organ whole, before it was microtomed.  I have long supposed the cerebral cortex here was, as it turns out it was, significantly more convoluted than that of the average person.

What Happened to the Tea Party?
Rep. Allen West concedes after Fla. recount fight

The Democratic Party of Florida has already released a statement: “We congratulate Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy on defeating tea party crony Allen West,” said Rod Smith, the chair of the Florida Democratic Party. “Tonight, the people of this district rejected divisive, hateful rhetoric in favor a fresh-faced, bipartisan approach centered around the issues important to Florida’s middle class families.”

I have no prior awareness of Allen West, and am uncomfortable with the word “crony” here, but feel informed by the rest of the quotation.

Recent Outbreaks Of Violence Cause Some To Question Gun Control Laws

I am asking the same questions.

Ann Coulter: once and for all

Ann Coulter Defends ‘Retard’ Tweet, Says ‘Screw Them’ To Critics

This may be the opportune occasion for me to make my first and last remark concerning Ann Coulter.

Anyone so utterly clueless cannot say anything that deserves any attention.