Clippings: Free Speech in India, Einstein’s convoluted brain, and more

Outrage in India over arrests for Facebook post

How that became categorized under Yahoo! Finance, I cannot imagine.  The article informs as to (1) some of the personalities involved in Hindu religious-and-political extremism; (2) the apparently puzzling state of Indian law pertinent freedom of speech and of religion; and (3) a situation where some “loose goose” police officers, or perhaps a “loose goose” province, took matters into their own hands.  “Creating enmity and hatred” is a criminal offense.  The Wikipedia article on Bal Thackeray is an exercise in hagiography.

Einstein’s Brain Reveals Clues to Genius

I don’t understand why it has taken so long for this information to become public.  The photographs in question show the organ whole, before it was microtomed.  I have long supposed the cerebral cortex here was, as it turns out it was, significantly more convoluted than that of the average person.

What Happened to the Tea Party?
Rep. Allen West concedes after Fla. recount fight

The Democratic Party of Florida has already released a statement: “We congratulate Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy on defeating tea party crony Allen West,” said Rod Smith, the chair of the Florida Democratic Party. “Tonight, the people of this district rejected divisive, hateful rhetoric in favor a fresh-faced, bipartisan approach centered around the issues important to Florida’s middle class families.”

I have no prior awareness of Allen West, and am uncomfortable with the word “crony” here, but feel informed by the rest of the quotation.

Recent Outbreaks Of Violence Cause Some To Question Gun Control Laws

I am asking the same questions.

“Argentina convicts 2 dictators of stealing babies,” and other stories: News roundup – 07/24/12

Argentina convicts 2 dictators of stealing babies
Egyptians pelt Clinton motorcade with tomatoes
Egyptian kidnapper threatens to kill two American hostages
Idaho man charged with soliciting wife’s rape using Craigslist
Maryland Dream Act supporters launch campaign to uphold law
Biology Leaves Gay Men Highly Vulnerable to HIV: Study
Missing Iowa cousins: One set of parents hires an attorney

Argentina convicts 2 dictators of stealing babies

A much more balanced account of the whole situation in South America at the time, than we usually get in the American press.

Egyptians pelt Clinton motorcade with tomatoes

Exactly who these people were, and their motives, is unclear.  Some Egyptians blame the U.S. for the political ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood — of all things.

Egyptian kidnapper threatens to kill two American hostages

“Jirmy Abu-Masuh, 32, of the Tarbeen tribe, said in an interview that the Americans … won’t be released until his uncle, who is in an Egyptian prison, is released as well. His uncle was taken into custody for refusing to pay 100 dollars in a bribe to police officers at a checkpoint.”

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